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Vervet Monkey Taxidermy Set for sale by BluesCuriosities Vervet Monkey Taxidermy Set for sale :iconbluescuriosities:BluesCuriosities 5 0 Chameleon Skeleton FOR SALE by BluesCuriosities Chameleon Skeleton FOR SALE :iconbluescuriosities:BluesCuriosities 5 3 Real Baltic Amber for sale! by BluesCuriosities Real Baltic Amber for sale! :iconbluescuriosities:BluesCuriosities 6 0 SOLD Complete gaboon viper skeleton by BluesCuriosities SOLD Complete gaboon viper skeleton :iconbluescuriosities:BluesCuriosities 2 7 Siras Moose skull by BluesCuriosities Siras Moose skull :iconbluescuriosities:BluesCuriosities 10 1 Personal Collection: Roe Deer by BluesCuriosities Personal Collection: Roe Deer :iconbluescuriosities:BluesCuriosities 7 4 Etsy Taxidermy SALE: Chameleon by BluesCuriosities Etsy Taxidermy SALE: Chameleon :iconbluescuriosities:BluesCuriosities 3 0 Etsy Taxidermy Sale: Silky Chicken! by BluesCuriosities Etsy Taxidermy Sale: Silky Chicken! :iconbluescuriosities:BluesCuriosities 2 1 Opossum: For Sale! by BluesCuriosities Opossum: For Sale! :iconbluescuriosities:BluesCuriosities 11 3 Langur Monkey Skull by BluesCuriosities Langur Monkey Skull :iconbluescuriosities:BluesCuriosities 6 0 Geriatric Cape Baboon Skull by BluesCuriosities Geriatric Cape Baboon Skull :iconbluescuriosities:BluesCuriosities 6 1 Taxidermy Silkie Chicken by BluesCuriosities Taxidermy Silkie Chicken :iconbluescuriosities:BluesCuriosities 4 2 Taxidermy Chameleons by BluesCuriosities Taxidermy Chameleons :iconbluescuriosities:BluesCuriosities 5 3 Curiosity Cabinet by BluesCuriosities Curiosity Cabinet :iconbluescuriosities:BluesCuriosities 7 2 Ball Python Mount by BluesCuriosities Ball Python Mount :iconbluescuriosities:BluesCuriosities 11 3 Taxidermy Super Mojave Ball Python by BluesCuriosities Taxidermy Super Mojave Ball Python :iconbluescuriosities:BluesCuriosities 17 7


Black Bear, Head Mount by FrontierFurs Black Bear, Head Mount :iconfrontierfurs:FrontierFurs 44 13 Atlas by DominoTwist Atlas :icondominotwist:DominoTwist 18 1 family matters by anniecoleptic family matters :iconanniecoleptic:anniecoleptic 8 2 Fossil Collection by CatBonesTaxidermy Fossil Collection :iconcatbonestaxidermy:CatBonesTaxidermy 14 6 Scrabbles the Inkblot Possum by LobitaWorks Scrabbles the Inkblot Possum :iconlobitaworks:LobitaWorks 207 2 Finished Javalina by WhiteCrow-Art Finished Javalina :iconwhitecrow-art:WhiteCrow-Art 8 5 Full size wolf mount by bonus41 Full size wolf mount :iconbonus41:bonus41 28 6 Black Bear by DominoTwist Black Bear :icondominotwist:DominoTwist 7 11 Hartebeest mount FOR SALE by DominoTwist Hartebeest mount FOR SALE :icondominotwist:DominoTwist 4 0 OOAK Valentine Cupcake Pug by FantasyLilyan OOAK Valentine Cupcake Pug :iconfantasylilyan:FantasyLilyan 12 0 Goren Garb Cosplay by Kazulgfox Goren Garb Cosplay :iconkazulgfox:Kazulgfox 44 18 Duo by DominoTwist Duo :icondominotwist:DominoTwist 6 1 Austroraptor cabazai vs Aerotitan sudamericanus by PaleoPastori Austroraptor cabazai vs Aerotitan sudamericanus :iconpaleopastori:PaleoPastori 231 12 kookaburra by HippiUnicorn kookaburra :iconhippiunicorn:HippiUnicorn 15 12 Heron wip by mangakasan Heron wip :iconmangakasan:mangakasan 124 9 WIP Raccoon lifesize mount by DeerfishTaxidermy WIP Raccoon lifesize mount :icondeerfishtaxidermy:DeerfishTaxidermy 43 21


Vervet Monkey Taxidermy Set for sale
I really hate having to do this, but I'm in a financial pickle and could really use the funds this would provide. I have a wet tanned vervet monkey, just back from Wildlife Gallery early 2017. I have the form for her, as well as eyes to go with it. Shipping is included but if you wanted it overnighted to further prevent thaw, you'll have to pay extra for it. It'll be shipped two day priority. Picture by Mckenzie taxidermy supply but it depicts the form I have for it. Rock base not included. These are the only two photos I have of her, she's currently rolled up and frozen in my freezer. All digits are there. No missing fingers/fingernails. Plenty of lips and eyelids for mounting. Has a few skinning nicks common in African game.

Asking $425
Chameleon Skeleton FOR SALE
The one furthest pictured is up for adoption! Needing some funds so I'm selling one of my chameleon skeletons. Selling the large male veiled pictured at the top. He needs a little bit more cleaning prior to articulating, or you could articulate it as is if you feel like it. Most of the hard work is done already for you via ligaments. Asking $100 for him! USA sales only
Real Baltic Amber for sale!
I have 3 pieces of beautiful Baltic Amber for sale, all of which have insect specimens preserved inside. I can wire wrap them for necklaces for an extra $15

Left piece is $65
Middle piece is $45
Right piece is $35

Shipping is free! Sorry, USA sales only!
SOLD Complete gaboon viper skeleton
Complete Gaboon viper skeleton for sale! The largest viper species, these guys can get portly! Massive fangs on this guy. Mandible wasn't glued to the skull to allow the articulator to chose the pose they wanted it in. SOLD
Siras Moose skull
Finally have one of these in my collection! Eventually I will have the male of her species. Female Siras Moose! She's a big girl, sitting on my dresser with my giraffe. She's just as long as my giraffe skull even if he is taller and heavier.
Does anyone have a soft tanned, craft grade back skin of a coyote or raccoon? Or leg skin? Doesn't have to be perfect by any means. Just has to have nice soft fur and pliable leather so it can flex with my sewing work.

Would anyone have extra and be willing to part with it for the cost of shipping? Or very very cheap?


Crazy bone ladies
United States
Between the two of us we have about five years or so of collecting under our belts. Anything from nature finds, to interesting trades from fellow collectors, fill our gallery.

We enjoy what we do and love nothing more then to preserve nature's beauty and educate others. The two of us are extremely against Poaching of any kind. Be it hunting out of season, want and waste, or exceeding bag limits. We have zero tolerance for it.

Nothing in our gallery was killed by us nor for us. Many of what we have are from natural deaths. We understand that our passion is not for everyone, and we respect that. But please be respectful to us in return, and keep hate comments to yourself. Every last piece of our collection is treated with the highest respect and gentleness. They are not play things, decorations, or anything of the like.

We are happy to provide reference images of our pieces for fellow artists in an effort to help others with their studies of anatomy. We felt it wrong to keep our references to ourselves, and so, wanted to share and help other artists grow. Please feel free to reference anything in the gallery, but be sure to give credit so that other artists can find us and make use of what we have to offer!

Our current webcam animation is (c) LimitlessEndeavours



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XxLest5000xX Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2016   Photographer
Joyeux anniversaire!!! happy DA B-day :3 Super Fantastic Golden Platter Cake 3D birthday cake Birthday cake  icon 
WanderingSpiritWolf Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2016  Student General Artist
Happy Birthday!
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Happy Birthday!! :love: 
XxLest5000xX Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2015   Photographer
happy b day birthday cake 
Drokkan Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2015  Student Digital Artist
Ahhh, I absolutely love your gallery! 
Sturmvoqel Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
you are one
of the best taxidermists I have ever found on DeviantArt. It is impressive that you are doing this wonderful work by yourself and your attitude to the subject is great!
This what you create with your own hands is art, many "would-be-taxidermists" can take inspiration from it.

BluesCuriosities Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2014
Oh my :blush: such kind words! Thank you! 
daaku-no-tenshi Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist

I just randomly came across your photos of tortoise skeletons. I'm curious to know if you ever sell any articulated, finished skeletons, and if so, what prices they come in at?

I keep a lot of tortoises and I've wanted a skeleton for a long time, if I decide to use them for education someday. Legalities surrounding tortoiseshell acquisition has kept me from really looking into the subject, I was so amazed to see your work! :)
BluesCuriosities Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2014
Hello there,

Articulated skeletons vary on price quite vastly depending on what it is, the display/pose, how long it took, ect ect. 

If you poses the tortoises legally, there shouldn't be any issues but each state varies by law. 
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